dapperjohnnery asked: is there a way for you to make up for missing ice cream awesomeness with me, tyler and lianna? NO THERE ISN'T

Wow. Kill me.

I got the text just as I had gotten home and was about to eat dinner: dumplings, bread, and a smoothie. AND I had a bad night, so I really really wanted ice cream to make myself feel better. :( 

zach-snyd asked: is there a way to hear the Sister Wives stuff? i'm bad at lastfm-ing

It hasn’t been released yet!

I believe there may be a youtube video floating around of our first show though. 


Why are there people doing music full time that don’t even know nor are getting better at their instrument? Who’s dick do I have to suck that will let me play drums for their shitty punk or pop band in front of hundreds of people. It’s so simple. Kick out your drummer he has no idea what he’s doing, lemme take control of your band and make it better than you ever thought it could be.

Ladies and gentlemen, Sander’s cover letter. 

I wish animals had more rights than children.


woah calm down im just trying to date your dad



Ooops. Secret’s out.

Ooops. Secret’s out.

Feminists just cling on to the past. If you really look at our country, you’ll see that there is no gender discrimination anymore.

dapperjohnnery asked: Fuck bananas, apples forever


Wow Johnny. I disagree with that statement so much. 

No disrespect to apples whatsoever, but I love bananas. Besides, don’t even talk to me until you’ve bought a Nintendo 3DS. ;)

Yo. I just realized I said this to Johnny a while back. He took that very very literally and bought a 3DS.